Mobster Meyer Lansky Goes For One Last Score In Humanoids' New Graphic Novel, Meyer

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Infamous Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky might not seem the most likely choice for a modern comic book tale, but a dark graphic novel from Humanoids brings a pivotal figure in American history into the late 20th century for one final misadventure by the legendary tough guy — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive look inside the killer con job.

Indie publisher Humanoids is locked and loaded to release the original graphic novel, Meyer, on Sept. 24, deftly written by Los Angeles-based author and filmmaker Jonathan Lang (Feeding Ground) and accented with interior art by acclaimed international illustrator Andrea Mutti (Infinite Dark, Rebels). The noirish main cover comes courtesy of Shawn Martinbrough.

This is a 120-page, darkly comedic coming-of-age quest stuffed full of hardcore Breaking Bad-style imagery amid a fictional biography of the legendary Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky as he attempts to organize his very last caper.

The plot is centered near the sun-soaked sands of Miami Beach. Jewish criminal mastermind Meyer Lansky is long dead … or at least that’s what he wants his mortal enemies all to believe. But the gruff old man has one ultimate job to pull off, and he can’t do it solo. Once he recruits an innocent bystander, their perilous journey propels them headlong into an intriguing endeavor filled with murder and malice, toward an ending neither one could possibly have foreseen.

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Meyer Lansky, the real-life mobster and crabby octogenarian, plots his escape from a seedy Miami nursing home to sanctuary in Israel in this weird and wild crime novel.

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