‘Plunder’ Horror Film In Works From Koulest Productions’ Miles And Oren Koules

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‘Plunder’ Horror Film Based On Jonathan “Swifty” Lang Comic In Works From Koulest Productions’ Miles And Oren Koules

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Miles Koules, Oren Koules, Jonathan Lang

Koulest Productions’ Miles Koules (Ski Weekend) and Oren Koules (Saw franchise) have optioned the comic Plunder, from creator-author Jonathan “Swifty” Lang, for development as a feature.

Plunder is a horror story that picks up with a gang of Somali pirates after they face off with an illegal Chinese vessel. They then try to board what they think is a research ship, only to find themselves in the midst of a massacre, with their worst nightmares becoming reality around them. The 14-year-old boy who went from translator to reluctant pirate becomes their key to survival, but he must decide how far he’s willing to go in the name of self-preservation.

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