The TOP 13 Greatest Gangsters in Comics – RANKED

They’re bad to the bone — and we can’t get enough of them…

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How many times have you watched The Godfather? The Godfather Part II? Goodfellas?

A million and six, like me?

Gangsters are magnetic even as they’re monsters and writer Jonathan Lang and artist Andrea Mutti tap into that with their new Humanoids graphic novel Meyer, about a fictionalized version of an aging Meyer Lansky (aka Hyman Roth in The Godfather Part II) looking for one more con.

Since gangsters have an illustrious history in comics going back to the medium’s beginnings, Lang is here with THE TOP 13 GREATEST GANGSTERS IN COMICS — RANKED.

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Featured at Publishers Weekly

Meyer Lansky, the real-life mobster and crabby octogenarian, plots his escape from a seedy Miami nursing home to sanctuary in Israel in this weird and wild crime novel.

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